What are dental implants?

Dental implants are placed into the jawbones beneath your gums. They are frames that need to be placed through surgery into your mouth. This is then followed by replacement of teeth, which is facilitated by the implants. Teeth are the probably the first thing that the other person notices as you speak or smile, they are reflective of your personality and so they need to be pristine. It is because of this that most people go looking for best teeth whitening in Dubai, as your teeth look perfect when you speak to anyone as they leave a lasting impression. You cannot get the whitening done same day dental implants in Dubai, as both are separate procedures.

The dental implants are fixed into your jawbone and they serve as a pillar to your artificial teeth by supporting them. Implants comprise of dentures and bridges, the stability that the implant provides makes them strong enough to not be replaced. It gives a more natural look as the bridges and dentures are secured in their places and wouldn’t fall out when you speak or eat.

To save you from the pain and discomfort of ordinary bridges, implants can be quite helpful. Since ordinary bridges need to be attached on the sides of the missing tooth it can be quite painful. When you get an implant there is no need of harming any adjacent teeth while the new teeth/tooth is placed.

Strong bones and gums are essential for getting an implant so that you don’t have to go through a hard time due to weak and soft gums. Intake of healthy food and brushing your teeth are advised for this reason so that you don’t have to suffer later due to any reason. Implants are costly when compared to other methods of getting your teeth/tooth replaced.

Types of Implants

Subperiosteal implant

For subperiosteal implant a metal frame is fixed into the jawbone underneath the gum tissue. Eventually as the gum heals the frame gets fixed into the gums. You can see the posts that pop out of the gum. The new teeth/tooth are placed on these posts.

Endosteal implants

A surgery is required for endosteal implants. There are two surgeries done, one to implant the frame and the other to connect the posts to the original implant. After the two surgeries are performed an artificial teeth/tooth is finally attached.