5 FAQs About Dubai That Every Tourist Should Know

Dubai is a city of possibilities, which makes it very attractive to outsiders. Apart the business prospects, millions of tourist flock this city yearly due to stunning tourist attractions and easy of entry. But despite being an open city, Dubai has protocols and rules set for tourists to follow.

If you have an upcoming trip to Dubai, you need to keep in mind these facts and truths:

  1. Visa processing is straightforward

One of the reasons why visitors and tourists flocks to Dubai is because of the ease of process. 14 days UAE visa processing is quite simple and straightforward. Back then, it would take weeks to get approval from the Ministry of Interior, but with the new and upgraded process, visa applicants can process and get approval in just 2-3 business days. There are visa service centers that can provide same day processing service for urgent visa change or applications.

  1. Getting around the city is easy

Dubai is known for its outstanding infrastructures and transportation means, which makes it makes it easier for tourists to get around the city. There are taxis and car rental services that travelers can rent to get from one point to another. Transport network vehicle services are also available in the city. You can book an Uber ride and hire a chauffeur from the hotel. Most taxis are equipped with credit card payment system, but travel experts advise tourist to bring cash with them.

  1. Booking ahead will save you from long queues

Dubai offers exquisite gastronomic treat to travelers. Restaurants and food souks line up in the city offering authentic local dishes and international cuisine. But the thing is, you need to make reservations prior to your trip to avoid lines and long queues. It would be best to book online or through phone to secure a spot in the restaurant.

  1. You need to apply a license to buy alcohol

Dubai Emirati is quite strict about selling liquor. You cannot just go a booze shop and buy a bottle of wine. You need to apply for a license before you get one. Being drunk and unruly in public will also get you into trouble.

  1. Dress code should be followed

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the dress code. Visitors are advised to dress conservatively when in public places. Wearing revealing clothes are being frowned upon. Dressing appropriately is a sign of respect to the Emirates culture.

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