Use Of Enhanced Medical Concepts In Dubai

Even in this day and age, it is a little unfortunate to see the most basic facilities not reaching the masses. From clean and safe to drink water to education, medical care to employment opportunities, we are left behind in almost every domain. In fact, stating that countries are not taking sufficient efforts in making these necessities available to all may not be far from reality. Keeping this in mind, it can be safely said that medical and healthcare can be spread to all if right steps are taken. However, Dubai happens to be one of those places where you find quality things in abundance. The city also provides adequate facilities and concepts to a large chunk of its population. The truth is that every year, people from around the world visit this city for a number or reasons. Healthcare is among these reasons, and it is heartening to see the government taking steps to make it more affordable and within the reach of all. Modern medical concepts are being endorsed more commonly and advanced healthcare is being worked upon. All signs indicate the this attractive and widely renowned city is going to be the epicenter for healthcare in coming years. Here are some modern concepts that are already being used in Dubai for patient care:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Though not known to most patients, the emergence of EMR is not new in Dubai. In fact, it has been in practice for a number of years. A cursory look at this concept reveals that EMR record keeping involves use of modern technology. Computers and modern medical EMR software are used to keep the health record of patients. This is all done in a systematic way so that doctors remain aware of the medical history of the patient. A click of mouse and pressing a key on the keyboard is enough to bring out the entire medical history of any patient. Some quarters have shown concerns on the privacy of this system as hackers might end up hacking medical records and sell them in the black market. However, this is not going to happen as modern EMR solutions is quite secure and often encrypted. There is very little chance of outside interference.

Furthermore, policies are being made to ensure that state the art medical concepts are being worked upon and used to enhance the existing medical policy of the city.