Different situations that require you to see a urologist

For those who don’t know, urologists are basically professionals who hold a specialty in diagnosing and treating the many disorders that affect the urinary tract of both males and females. They further deal with issues and health concerns that affect the male reproductive system. The sad part is that a majority of people have no idea whatsoever about when they should go see a urology doctor in Dubai. For this reason, here is a look into certain situations that deem it necessary for you to visit a urologist.

Kidney stones

If your family physician has diagnosed that you have kidney stones, then it is time for you to see a urologist right away. Although it is possible for your current doctor to treat the stones, you need to bear in mind that only urologist acquire training to learn how to pulverize them in a non-surgical manner.

Male infertility

As discussed above, urologists hold a specialty in dealing with issues related to the male reproductive system. Hence, if you are dealing with infertility as a man, make sure that you visit a urologist right away. As a specialist, he will make you undergo some tests to identify the reasons behind it and then formulate a plan to treat it. The treatment options available in this regard are inclusive of medications, varicocele and surgery etc.

Kidney tumors

Back in the days having kidney tumors deemed it necessary for the individuals to have a biopsy performed on the lesion by a radiologist. However, things have changed now that studies have shown that utilization of rays can make the radiologist miss the cancerous cells. These days urologists make patients of kidney tumors undertake certain tests so that the underlying cause of the problem can be identified. They will also determine the exact location of the tumor and how much it has spread. Once done laparoscopic surgery is performed by them for the removal of the tumor. Click here to acquire more information in this regard.

Blood in urine

When you notice blood in urine, there is definitely something for you to worry about. The condition is typically known to occur in people who have underlying bladder issues. Kidney cancer is also a reason why you may have blood in your urine. No matter what has caused this condition, it is highly recommended for you to get in touch with a urologist right away.