4 Things You Need To Know About LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery in Dubai is one of the fast-rising corrective surgeries today. This procedure can help resolve a number of eye-related issues like farsightedness and nearsightedness. A lot of patients who are suffering from these illness were already treated and restored their vision to a perfect 20/20.

But before you go for this procedure, it would be best if you can dig deeper and try to gather as many information as you can. Here are some quick facts that may help you out:

  1. LASIK is all about the cornea

Some patients are quite hesitant to undergo a LASIK surgery because they thought that it would be invasive. But the procedure does not go beyond your corneas. What a LASIK procedure does is to reshape the cornea to correct one’s vision problem using a state-of-the-art laser. The best ophthalmologist in Dubai usually performs this procedure. It starts with putting anesthesia drops to numb the eyes. The surgeon will create a thin flap and fold it to expose the inner part of the cornea. The surgeon will then reshape the cornea using individualized patterns. Once the corrective procedure is done, the flap will be repositioned.

  1. There is a criteria to be a LASIK candidate

Some people think that everybody can be a candidate for LASIK surgery. But before a patient can be a candidate, he/she needs to pass a certain criteria. First of all, he/she should of good medical standing. LASIK surgery is considered as a minor procedure but there are still risks and complications that compromise the success of the operation. Second, there shouldn’t be a significant decrease in the patient’s vision in the past few years. Most importantly, patients should have a strong tear production capability and thick corneas.

  1. It entails preparation

Although it is considered a minor operation, patients who will undergo the LASIK procedure will have to go through a series to medical and eye exams. For eye exam, the ophthalmologist will check the shape and thickness of the cornea, the moisture content of the eye, and the pupil size.

Once the operation is scheduled, patients should refrain from wearing corrective lenses, eye makeup, or putting lotions and creams that might affect the success of the corrective procedure.

  1. It is cost effective

One of the reasons why some patients are not very keen on getting LASIK is because of the cost. Although LASIK is much more expensive than eye glasses, the results are more permanent and accurate.