An Overview of Printing Services Industry in Dubai

Like different enterprises, the printing services in Dubai fall under the aegis of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). Therefore, the DCCI set up the Printing and Publishing Group to streamline the printing services and thrive it while simultaneously settling any challenges that emerge. A yearly celebration for fruitful organizations in this part occurs amid the Dubai International Print Awards (DIPA).


The significant printing services offered in Dubai:

Balance Printing

It is a well-known printing method including the transmission of full-shading pictures to an elastic cover from a plate onto the coveted paper. The items included in this category are stationery, lists, magazines, books, pamphlets, daily papers, and books.


Flexographic Printing

The printing services companies utilize this innovation as an adaptable letterpress that conveys the benefit of its capacity to print on various sorts of surfaces, for example, metallic movies, covered materials, engineered things and in addition paper. Bundling materials, self-glue marks, backdrop, kitchen utensils and wrappers make some out of the things printed with this innovation.


Security Printing

For those craving things that have some types of particular ID or assurance, and after that security printing is an appreciated administration. Items fitting in this classification are race papers, stock trade bonds international IDs, ID cards, visa papers, lottery tickets, checks, share testaments, air tickets and blessing vouchers.


Computerized Printing

With so much data put away and transmitted in computerized groups, printing services that can get to advanced data and print they specifically flourish. The printers connected here can likewise print on various substrates. You get quality photographs, business print items (for deals or showcasing wanders), design items and craftsmanship things.


A portion of the printing specialist co-ops

Emirates Printing Press (EPP)

Piling on more than 200 million pages printed month-to-month, the EPP caters for the main part of the printing needs of numerous people and respectable associations. Their stock incorporates indexes, leaflets, yearly reports, magazines, and books. The EPP also presents other related services, such as bundling, official, cover and varnishing inside a similar building. The EPP’s customer list consists of big clients like Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, and Burj Al Arab among numerous others.


Raqam International

This organization represents considerable authority in printing bespoke strips and names, however furthermore covers various printing services. With ISO affirmation and print grants designations (particularly for their flexographic printing), Raqam International presently serves various organizations in Dubai. Banks, pharmaceutical associations, shopping centers, and the quick moving shopper merchandise industry are outstanding clients of this firm.


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