5 Design Rules That You Are Allowed To Break

The field of interior design is built on a number of guidelines and rules. These principles guided most interior and architecture firms in Dubai when they create designs for their clients. However, rules are meant to be broken.

Trusted interior design companies in Dubai provided a set of interior design rules that you can break and still come up with amazing space design for your residence:

  1. The whiter, the better

One of the most common design rule that we know is that the whiter the space, the better and larger it become. But you can also do this with other colors. The key here is choose pieces that are slim and go for the minimalist feel. If you worry that the space would look smaller, you can make do with the lighting. So feel free to use other colors in the wheel should you feel like it.

  1. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

Another common interior design rule that we know is the placing mirrors can help make a space look bigger. This rule is true, but going overboard with this can make the space look weird. Instead of going for wall-to-wall mirror, pick a focal point where you can place your mirror to create a much better impact. The ideal strategy would be placing the mirror on smaller corners that have enough light source to reflect to.

  1. Shelve more

Storage is important, especially if you have a lot of things to store and keep. But filling your room with shelves and cabinets would make it feel like the space is a storage facility. Resolve this issue by making sure that you create storage spaces in a creative and innovative manner. Be sure to include this aspect on your design theme. You can also use some dual purpose furniture that can double as storage.

  1. Light after reno

Most designers decide on the lighting fixture once the design and renovation is done. But it would be best you can include this aspect right from the start. This step would make sure that you choose the most appropriate lighting for your space. It would be best to scout a lighting fixture at the early phase of designing.

  1. Buying furniture ASAP

What usually happens in this case is that the design adjust to the available furniture. But this design habit can limit the creativity of the designers. It would be best to buy them in the middle of the renovation where everything is approved.